Private Retreat Ibiza




Enjoy a week on Ibiza in the sun and stunning nature,

sunshine is transformational.

Leave your day to day life behind and experience personal transformation and growth in a safe and supportive environment nestled in beautiful nature. Gain clarity, peace of mind and a plan for the future through daily personal development work and healing sessions. I have over 20 years professional experience in counselling, coaching, mentoring and healing.

I will help you awaken your unconscious patterns that are ruling your life so that you experience real breakthroughs, ahaa moments of clarity and realisations to help you influence and liberate every aspect of your daily life into happiness. Connect with your inner self and allow your inner guidance to help you shine your own true light.

This is a unique personal one to one retreat just for you, tailored to your own needs – no groups, no shared rooms, just support and space for you to develop and grow at your own pace through one to one sessions and walks in the stunning nature. All meals are healthy, homemade and mainly vegetarian.

“Belinda’s Personal Retreat was truly transformational. I gained insights to my past that I would never have been able to on my own but more importantly, I was able to resolve those issues and heal them. With the approach that Belinda takes I not only overcame my past but am open to finding my true path and creating some magic in my life.”  Jacqueline Norton, Communications Consultant.

Together with my husband, Toby, a walking guide on Ibiza, we welcome you to stay in our lovely, comfortable and spacious home on Ibiza with us. We are here to support you and also show you some of the amazing and very unique experiences of Ibiza – watch a breathtaking sunset, walk in nature, experience Ibiza shopping, feel the magnetic draw of Es Vedra, take a dip in the cleansing sea at a secret beach…

This unique opportunity includes:

  • 6 nights Accommodation in a large double room with private ensuite bathroom.
  • Swimming pool and lush gardens.
  • Healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments and snacks.
  • Daily one to one transformational sessions with Belinda.
  • Reiki and Chakra Balancings.
  • Airport transfers.

Your personal retreat may also include (at extra cost):

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Massage
  • Guided walks
  • Breathwork
  • Reiki Teachings
  • Creative artwork
  • and more…


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