Life is precious. My purpose and passion is to help support and guide you to happiness, through self love, fulfillment and joy.

Are you in need of guidance? Do you seek clarity amidst difficult and challenging times in your midlife? I am here to help…

I am Belinda, The Mid Life Mentor. With over 20 years professional experience of counselling, coaching, nlp, mentoring and healing. I help people to make positive changes using Emotional Response Therapy (ERT).

Belinda is an osteopath for the soul”  Alexis Hamilton

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One to one sessions in person, or via Skype
Private retreats

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“Simply Wonderful! An inspirational, transformative and enlightening process” Caroline Wood, Holland

Private Retreat
from £357

Recharge, Connect, Ground

When was the last time you really made time for yourself?

Join me, Belinda The Mid Life Mentor, Therapist, Coach, Energy Healer and Author in a cocoon of warmth, authenticity, honesty, safety, laughter and connection helping you to create happiness through self love and fulfillment.

Reclaim your inner joy and fun of life through energy grounding, gentle yoga, chakra balancing, reiki, soul reading, transformational coaching, nourishing healthy food and guided meditation.

Awaken and embrace your feminine wisdom and well being in the peaceful and calming countryside of Ibiza.

1 day private retreat £357

3 day private retreat £1057

6 day private retreat £1997

Work With Me

With over 20 years of professional experience and having successfully navigated my own midlife changes, I now help women and a few good men to heal their unresolved emotional trauma’s, old soul’s in their 30’s and new soul’s in their 40’s and 50’s, who wish to find true happiness, fulfillment and joy by wholly engaging in their own life.

6 hours time package £400

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Pregnant Punk At 14

Read my own true life story – Chasing Happiness – Pregnant Punk at 14, Enlightened at 40 is my inspirational memoir, an account of unbelievable courage. “Nerve wracking and funny” Jacq.

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Life is complicated, especially in midlife; it only makes it more difficult to make decisions.

Are you lacking clarity?

Do you need some help in midlife?

Tired of figuring it out all by yourself? Too many choices?

How would it feel if you knew exactly what you should be doing from this moment onwards?

With over 20 years professional experience and having been there myself,
I am your expert to guide you to...



Truly happy after divorce or post break-up.


There is life after the children have left home.


With mid life hormonal changes and the menopause


With a positive change in your career.

wild flowers and a black board with the text with love


From the loss of a relationship, loved one or mid-life crisis.


House or Country easily.


Yourself from stress, illness or burn-out.


Limiting, habitual annoying beliefs.

What My Clients Say

  • Enormous Changes - Years of therapy in just 1 week - I have totally released all my fears, I am now a centred woman and enjoy leading others to act authentically. It's changed my life in so many ways... which others have noticed too.
    Katya Wildman Founder of Bombshell, London
  • Feeling Fabulously Happy - Belinda is actually the voice of common sense, she helps you to make the right decisions .
    Amber Van Schendel, Switzerland Communications Consultant
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Would you like to create a fabulous future?
Contact me here and I will help you with your mid life change.

"Belinda's insight and intuition are quite profound"
Marion Stone, Facial Expert, Ibiza